Waynes World Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween – DIY, Buy for 2021


(Waynes World Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween )

About Wayne’s World Costume

Wayne Campbell is the co-host of Wayne’s World – a public access cable TV show. He makes the show out of the basement of his parent in Aurora Illinois. He loves playing an air guitar, accompanied by the air drums of Garth Algar – his best friend. Mike Myers, a very popular comedian, played the role of Wayne Campbell.

Wayne’s World was initially a recurring sketch from Saturday Night Live – NBC TV series. The Saturday Night Live sketch procreated a hit 1992 movie, its sequel in 1993, and a series of catchphrases that have since entered the pop-culture lexicon.  The first sketch of Wayne’s World appeared in the 13th Saturday Night Live episode of the 1988/1989 season.

The show usually begins with Wayne and his best friend, Garth, singing the lyrics of the opening theme. The lyric of the opening theme is usually accompanied by frenetic strumming of Wayne’s guitar with Garth using drumsticks to drum on his laps. They usually talk about many things in the show, including their love of hard rock bands, babes, and juvenile antics. Sketches usually included dream sequences where the two friends imagine themselves in fantasy settings.

At all times, you will find Wayne and Garth in simple outfits. Wayne always wears a baseball cap with “Wayne’s World” boldly written on it. He wears a black T-shirt and blue pants. He has brown curly hair, which means you have to put on a wig if you want to recreate his looks. You will also need a pair of sneakers to complete the costume of Wayne. Here is all you need to recreate the look of Wayne.

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