Uncle Eddie Costumes Guide for Cosplay and Halloween – DIY, Buy for 2021


(Uncle Eddie Costumes Guide for Cosplay and Halloween)

About Uncle Eddie Costume

Uncle Eddie is one of the main characters in National Lampoon’s Vacation. This is an American road comedy movie that was released back in 1983 by Harold Ramis. John Hughes wrote the movie, and it was based on his short story titled “Vacation ‘58” that appeared in National Lampoon. Wanting to spend some time with his wife (Ellen) and kids (Rusty and Audrey), Clark Griswold decided to take his family on a road trip. Cousin Eddie Johnson is the cousin-in-law of Ellen and Clark.

Eddie lost his job and his family was living in an RV. His family when bankrupt after he lost his job and they were forced to sell their house. Clark decided to show Eddie’s children – Ruby Sue and Rock – some love by offering to buy them some gifts for them to enjoy the holiday regardless of what happened. However, Eddie repaid the kindness of Clark by abducting his boss. Uncle Eddie made appearances in both volumes of the film.

Uncle Eddie is one of the most unique characters in the National Lampoon’s Vacation. He is quite different from normal residential life. The most memorable outfit of Uncle Eddie was when he was cleaning outside. He was cleaning with almost nothing on except a fluffy bathrobe. He wears that bathrobe with a comfortable winter hunting hat. He is also holding a can of beer and a cigar.