Top 5 Oni Masks

Oni masks borrow from Japanese folklore about Oni. In these folklores, Oni is a kind of ogre, demon, or troll that is portrayed as a hulking figure having either one or more horns on their head. Ideologically, stereotypes put them as red, blue, or green-colored creatures. Besides, they have long, sharp teeth and have an angry face all the time.

They’re scary, but some people find them as great inspiration. As such, they have created the Oni mask to imitate these creatures. You can use these masks in parties, weddings, cosplays, Halloween, etc.

In this article, we analyze these masks in detail. Also, we present some affordable options to you, just in case you want to look like these scary supernatural beings.


Oni masks are typically facemasks representing a supernatural troll, demon, or ogre. The masks are scary, representing the look of a yōkai/ogre/troll, as depicted in the folklore.

Oni masks are a big thing in Japanese art, literature, and theatre. For instance, people wear them during the Setsubun/ Bean-Throwing Festival.

Japanese people like keeping and following traditions. And this mask is one such tradition which has been passed down from one generation to the next.

And currently, the mask has extensive use not only in Japan but also in other parts of the world. They are used as costumes for various events. They are famous because they can represent different creatures and characters, including ghosts, ordinary people, devils, deities, heroes, and animals.


There are different kinds of traditional Japanese masks, and each one has a specific role. Oni masks come in various forms, but retain the original expression of the ogre in the folklores. They can be:

Half face masks

Full face mask

Other mask types

  • Tengu: are demi-gods that protect the mountains. They have an angry red face with a long red nose. Initially, they were birds but turned into humans while retaining the beak, which turned to the nose. The masks are great for Noh stage plays and specific Shinto festivals.

  • Kitsune: also called fox masks are suitable for certain Shinto festivals or just fun. They borrow from foxes, which historically were seen as magical creatures – shapeshifting abilities, for prosperity, and as messengers of Inari.

Others include Noh & Kyogen masks, Hyottoko Okame and Men-yoroi.


Tattooing is a common thing across the world. However, when it comes to Oni mask tattoos, it shows a particular culture with roots in Japan. You can create these tattoos in different parts of your body. Remember, they have a specialty in them.

Each tattoo should retain the original colors of Oni, i.e., red and green, so that the tattoos come out colorful. Again, create them on a large surface so that they look good.

You can create an Oni mask tattoo on the chest, the back, or on the arm. However, pay attention to the expressions. That means the teeth and horns require attention to detail.

Some people club the Oni mask with a Japanese dragon for an outstanding tattoo.

Examples of Oni mask tattoos include:

The tattoo covers one side of the chest and arm. It has a clear expression.

Some more examples of Oni tattoos


Buying an Oni mask is a pretty straightforward process. But you should consider the following features:

Mask material: the material of mask you’ll be buying determines the durability and comfort you get. Typically, the majority are made of TPU plastic while few come with a fiberglass exterior. Both types feature a sufficient foam padding on the interior. If you are going to use the mask for shooting, you’ll need something harder.

Full face or half face? This entirely depends on your taste and preference. The bottom line is that it should fit the purpose. Remember, most masks fit teenagers and adults.

Full costume: do you need a mask alone or with the loincloth? Usually, the loincloth is of tiger pelt. You should match your mask and the loincloth.

Mask expression: naturally, an Oni mask should be scary. But, some have milder expressions. Here, you’ll choose what impresses you.


Oni masks are costumes that you can put to various uses. Customer report using these masks for various use, including play shoot games, Halloween, and other types of parties. What’s impressive is that majority of customers found these products to be highly functional.

For those who used to play games, the masks were able to protect their faces and eyes. Still, those who attended processions and parties, the goal was achieved. The scary nature of the masks came out.

Apart from that, they look beautiful, justifying the purchase.

Few complaints came up, and a notable one was they could fit some people’s faces.