The Crow Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween 2021

(Crow Costume Guide to Buy and DIY)

About the Crow Costume

The Crow is an American dark fantasy action movie. Alex Proyas directed the movie and it was released in 1994. The storyline of the movie mimics a comic book James O’Barr wrote back in 1989. The movie was about Eric Draven – a rock musician – who was shot and thrown out of a window. His killers also beat and raped his girlfriend. He came back from the dead to take revenge on his killers. On his quest to avenge his killers, Police Sergeant Albrecht and a girl named Sara helped Eric. The movie gained so much popularity due to the sad death of Brandon Lee, during the shooting of the film. Brandon was also the son of famous martial artist and movie start Brucel Lee accidentally shot during the movie shoot.

Eric was a rock musician in the movie. After his death, he came back as the Crow in a black leather outfit. Eric came back with a fierce look with a face of revenge. The Crow’s costume includes leather pants, a long sleeve leather shirt, with a leather long coat. The Crow has black lips and eyes, with iconic face paint. When the Crow brought Eric back to life, he now had the ability to fight with a face that seeks only revenge.

The Crow’s costume is a cult classic and has inspired many fans over the years. As a character, the Crow has been ranked in the Top 100 Comic Book Heroes by IGN  at number 37.

How to dress like the Crow