Top Best Snake Plissken’s Costume Guide for Halloween and Cosplay for 2021

About Snake Plissken’s Costume

The youngest man ever to be decorated by a President was Snake Plissken. He was a Lieutenant in the United States Army. But before being promoted to such a prestigious honour, Plissken was a criminal and most surprisingly, an outlaw. This dynamic character is portrayed by Kurt Russell in Escape from New York and Escape from LA. He is given the close to impossible mission of rescuing the President from Manhattan.

Snake Plissken dresses up like the undercover agent that he is. His costume, though composed of solid neutral pieces of clothing, exude his badass and adventurous personality very well. He wears almost all black, reflecting his dark personality. His outfit consists of a black tank top layered over by a dark brown leather jacket. He wears grey camouflage print cargo pants. To give his outfit the better badass edge, he wears black boots. However, an black eye patch accounts for the whole rogue look along with the shin guards and a holster to carry his guns.