Sarah Sanderson Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween 2021

(Sarah Sanderson Costume Guide)

About Sarah Sanderson Costume

Sarah Sanderson is one of the key characters in Hocus Pocus. Hocus Pocus is a fantasy-horror movie that was released in 1993. Sarah Jessica Parker – a very popular American actress played the role of Sarah Sanderson. The film was about the battle between three powerful witches and three youngsters. The witches came back to life after 300 years of death and are now tasty for blood and revenge.

Sarah Sanderson is the youngest amongst the three witches, and she is very flirtatious. She likes playing with people a lot, especially men, with her vicious sense of humor. Sarah is an extremely dangerous and powerful witch, because she has the power to charm people, children in particular. She uses her siren-like singing voice and gorgeous appearance to lure people to their doom.

Amongst the three sisters, Sarah Sanderson tends to have a better look. She does not look as ridiculous or terrifying as her sisters. Sarah is very beautiful, and that is one of her powers. However, she shares in the ancient clothing style of her elder sisters. To add to her beauty, she always puts on Gothic-style makeup and she has good-looking wavy blond hair. Sarah has a gold necklace and many rings. If you want to recreate her stunning look, you need a long purple cloak, a red medieval gown, a wavy blond wig, and her classic makeup.