Sans (Undertale) Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween – DIY, BUY for 2021

(How to dress like Sans (Undertale) for Cosplay and Halloween )

How to dress like Sans (Undertale) for Cosplay and Halloween

Back in 2015, there was a very popular video game called “Undertale” and San was one of the top characters in the game. The storyline of the game is pretty interesting; it is about a sphere of monsters beneath the surface of the earth after humans defeated them. Papyrus is the brother of San, and he cares so much about San but he rebukes him a lot for being lazy.

Papyrus is very hardworking, which is why he wants his brother, Sans, to catch up with him. They both work as guards, and Sans is very lazy at the job. Sans has a personality that makes him apathetic to virtually everything around him. However, he could become serious on certain occasions. With what he refers to as “shortcuts,” he can teleport or travel to anywhere quickly. Undertale is very interesting, and Sans played a highly remarkable role in the game.

The look of Sans has interested many over the years. Many people love his costume and they put it on for different occasions. Sans puts on a white T-shirt and he rocks it with a blue hooded jacket. The costume also comprises of a pair of gray shoes and baggy black pants. San and his brother are both monsters, and San has a body skeleton and his skull looks pretty cute. However, his costume is not complete without a skull mask, skeleton gloves, and skeleton leggings. Putting all the pieces of this costume together would make you look great, and you can use it for different functions including Halloween, parties, and more.

Sans (Undertale) Appearance and Behaviour

With a big toothy smile, glove-like hands and massive eye sockets, Sans appears as a brief, paunchy skeleton. His left eye shines bright blue and yellow while Sans uses telekinesis, the colors for patience and justice, and his right pupil disappears.
While Sans is generally agreeable, at specific moments he becomes eerily intense. He is often watchful; Sans reads the gestures of the protagonist and can always say when those tasks have already been completed. He likes to make puns related to skeletons and the it is suggested that he might be a professional comedian. Another interesting fact about Sans is that he likes science fiction and loves to drink ketchup.
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