Rosie the Riveter costume To Buy

Rosie the Riveter Costume To Buy

Rosie the Riveter is known for her roles in recruiting female workers during the second world war for defense industries. This earned her the title of the most iconic image of working women. At the time, American women were able to enter the workforce in large numbers since male enlistment left holes in the labor force. She remains an iconic image all over the world when it comes to women affairs years after the war. Rosie is a lasting reminder that the female gender is capable of so much more. She showed that women are equal, strong, independent, and can do whatever they set their minds to. She is a reminder that women can achieve their dreams.

About Rosie the Riveter costume

As women's rights begin to gain more traction, this is the best time to cosplay your favorite feminist. How better to represent girl power than with a recreation of Rosie’s outfit. Put it on your radar this Halloween. Not all heroes wear capes, but some of them wear overalls and polka dot bandanas. Rosie was always ready to work and this shows by her overalls. A coverall or jumpsuit with wide legs can work. She also wore a men's style button-down shirt in plaid, navy blue or stripes. A ringer T-shirt or a knit pullover sweater can do the trick. Rosie’s hair was covered partly in a silk or cotton bandana. A hair scarf or headband can work as long as it has polka dots design. As for her shoes, she wore lace-up boots. In this case, slip-on loafers or lace-up oxford shoes can be used. Don’t forget the red high knee socks.

Rosie the Riveter Costume Buy ideas

1.   WWII Icon Women's Costume

The cotton/polyester denim jumpsuit stands out with its gold-toned buttons on the middle part. It has pockets as well for storing small items. CHECK IT NOW

2.   California Costume Rosie the Riveter Costume

Kids can play Rosie too with this 100% polyester shirt. it also comes with a bandana to finish the look. The shirt also has a Rosie tag on the chest. CHECK IT NOW

3.   Rosie The Riveter, We Can Do It | Feminist Rosey Rosy V-Neck T-Shirt for Women

If you don’t want the traditional attire, you can also go for a Rosie the Riveter crested shirt. asides from being a great costume, it can be used for daily activities. CHECK IT NOW

4.   Girl's Rosie the Riveter Costume

Nothing screams independent and girl power like this Rosie shirt and bandana set. It is made of polyester. CHECK IT NOW

5.   Women's WWII Icon Costume

This costume is a set containing a jumpsuit, belt, and polka dot bandana. The jumpsuit material is made mainly of cotton and polyester with rayon denim. CHECK IT NOW

6.   WWII Icon Costume for Plus Size Women

Plus size women also get a Rosie costume set with a jumpsuit, bandana, and belt. CHECK IT NOW   Rosie the Riveter DIY To recreate the Rosie look, you need a polka dot red bandana to keep your hair in place. You will also need Blue coverallsblack work boots, red socks, and a metal lunch box.