Robin Hood Costume

About Robin Hood Costume

Robin Hood is the titular character from the Robin Hood movie, which was released in 2018. The movie has a pretty interesting story line. Robin learned to steal from the Sheriff to help other people. He steals and gives the money to the poor. The Sheriff has been extorting the people with exorbitant taxes, and Robin came back from a war, which many thought he died in, to save his people. His fight was also to reclaim his land.

In the movie, the Sheriff of Nottingham recruited Robin to join the army. Prior to his return, the Sheriff declared him and others dead. On his return, the story follows his act of bravery and quest to correct all the wrongs in his town. Robin has a friend, whose son he tried to save during a war. The movie ended with Robin and his friends being tagged as outlaws, as they robbed the Sheriff of the money he had extorted from the people.

In the movie, the masses love Robin Hood, as he was their hero. You will find Robin Hood mostly in a commoner’s garb that comprises of a black, quilted jacket, pants, and a blue scarf or neckerchief. Robin is very good in hand-to-hand combat, but he always carries a bow and arrow. You can also find him with other weapons such as a sword or spear. To be the next Robin Hood, you need his complete accessories and gears. Here are some of the items you need to look like Robin Hood.



  • Bow and Arrow – Toy wooden bow and arrow to complete the look.