Referee Costume Guide for Halloween and Cosplay – DIY, Buy for 2021

(Dress like Referee for Halloween and Cosplay)

About Referee Costume

A referee is an individual in a sporting game that oversees the rules of the game. The referee also makes sure that all the players adhere to the rules and regulations of the game. They can call violations or fouls in the game. They can even issue players warnings and dish out punishments for different offenses in a game. Referees are expected to be the neutral players in every game. They do not belong to any side of the teams and they cannot be biased or favor one of the teams.

In most games, such as soccer, baseball, wrestling, basketball, ruby, and more, referees wear striped shirts. Their clothing is always notably different from that of the team players or athletes. Stripped shirts are the most common, and North American referees made them very popular.

Many have adopted the dressing style of referees. While some wear it as casual clothing, others wear it for special occasions such as Halloween, cosplay, roleplaying, parties, and costume parties. You can also dress like a referee and put your own spin to it. This costume is suitable for both men and women. You and your partner can also wear this costume.

To get started, you will need a zebra-striped shirt and black pants. Ladies can put on cop shorts also. As many referees do, you need to wear very comfortable footwear. A comfortable pair of shoes is a vital part of a referee’s outfit, as it allows them to keep up with the game easily. Ladies can also add long socks to it. You might also want to carry a whistle to add a finishing touch to your costume.