5 Wario Costumes Ideas to Buy and DIY

Wario Costume Buy Ideas

About Wario

Wario, one of the recurring characters in the Mario franchise is an obese, hot-tempered, muscular, and greedy individual. He is the anti-hero and clad arch-rival of Mario in the show. His greed drives him to carry out malevolent acts like seizing Mario’s castle. Wario is cunning after tricking Mario several times. Wario often goes on personal adventures. These can include stealing treasure and running a microgame making firm. He helped the Mushroom Kingdom’s heroes occasionally. Wario’s defining traits include his strength, yellow cap, guff Italian accent, and rude personality. He also has a zigzag mustache and greedy personality. Wario has bizarre physical features.

Dressing up like a villain can be fun sometimes compared to dressing like a regular character. In this case, the villain in focus is Wario. Getting the perfect costume for Wario’s outfit is easy. This is because some of the pieces can be ordered online and can also come in complete sets. You can start your journey to putting on Wario’s overall costume with his mustache and signature hat.

Wario Costumes to Buy



Wario's Costume DIY Ideas


Wario’s Costume DIY Idea

Cosplay Wario with a yellow short and sleeve shirt. There is also his bushy eyebrows and green elf shoes. He also wore gloves. The remainder of the items that make up his costume can be easily found. After putting on the costume you’ll look like Wario and adopt his way of understanding. This outfit can be perfect for cosplay. Hence, you can have fun by doing cosplay with some friends of yours. Have them dress up as Mario, Toad, and Luigi.

Wario’s costume is easy to get.

  1. You can cosplay Wario by getting the Wario Bib Overalls to start with
  2. Add the Yellow Sleeve Shirt,
  3. Don’t forget the Bushy Eyebrows to give you the complete look
  4. Graba a pair of Green Elf Shoes to give you the Wario look from head to toe
  5. Add a Nose Prosthetic to make your face look like Wario’s
  6. Complete the look with a Wario Adult Hat, Mustache Kit and a Pair of Gloves.

Once this has been put together, then your Wario costume will be complete. To enjoy your cosplay don’t forget to include Wario’s snarky behavior. This will make things interesting.

Watch the Wario Cosplay video below for some inspiration!