Mrs. Claus Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween – DIY, Buy for 2021

(Mrs. Claus Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween)

About Mrs. Claus Costume

Behind every strong man is a strong woman. We all probably would not have known Santa Claus today if he did not have a good wife to keep his suit tidy and belly full. When Santa is out there making children happy, Mrs. Santa Claus is by the corner ensuring everything in the North Pole is running smoothly. Some even believe that without Mrs. Claus, there would be no Christmas. Mrs. Claus is the loving wife of our beloved Santa Claus. She is the mother-figure to the elves of the North Pole.

She is also known to be the baker of some of the best Christmas cookies and Santa would not be the same without her. Mrs. Claus is known across the globe and she has poise and beauty. Considering how popular she is, many love to explore the fabulous and fun costumes of Mrs. Claus.

Over the years, many have adopted the looks of Mrs. Claus. Many use her outfit for Christmas parties or night out in December. Mrs. Claus has a very fancy costume, which is pretty similar to that of her husband – Santa Claus. Her costume mostly comprises of a red gown, white hose, black shoes, a black belt, a red and white hat, and a red jacket.

You can also spice up the costume by putting on wire-rimmed spectacles and a gray-haired wig for a grandmotherly look. For a sexy look, you can get red elbow-length gloves and heeled boots, both edged with a cuff of white faux fur. If you have kids, you can dress the girl as Mrs. Claus and dress the boy as Mr. Santa Claus to pair them up. Adults can also pair up with their male friends.