Mr. Clean Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween Guide for Cosplay and Halloween – DIY, Buy for 2021

(Mr. Clean Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween)

About Mr. Clean Costume

The epitome of cleanliness might be depicted by only and only Mr. Clean. He is the most famous spokesperson for publicising cleaning products. Apart from his own skin, he is famously dressed in all white. He is easily recognized globally as the brand ambassador for cleanliness itself. Presenting himself as spotless as one can get is his niche speciality.

Mr. Clean is dressed from top to bottom in white. Even though he is bald and has no hair, he has really bushy eyebrows which are pure white in color. He wears a white t-shirt and white pants. Even his shoes are white without a speck of dust or dirt on them, which is of course expected. He also wears a white belt. The only color in this whole ensemble is imparted by a shiny golden ring in his left ear.