Max and Monster Costume Guide for Halloween and Cosplay – DIY, Buy for 2021

(Max and Monster Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween)

How to dress like Max and Monster for Cosplay and Halloween

About Max and Monster

Max and Monster is a children’s picture book printed in 1963. It focuses on Max, who dons a wolf costume and destroys things in the house; he was eventually put down and sent to bed without supper. The narrative changed, and his bedroom transformed into a forest scene and had Max sail on to an island where he finds some scary beastly creatures. He intimidates them and makes himself the king of the Wild Things; he plays with them for a while afterward.

He felt lonely at some point and decided to go back home. He returned to his room to find his supper. The book has 338 words, with Maurice Sendak writing and illustrating it; he received a yearly Caldecott Medal for his work in 1964. Max and Monster also got feature-film adaptations and animated opera renditions.

About Where the Wild Things are Max and Monster Costume for adults and kids

The original costume is more wolf-like, with a one-piece wolf suit playing the main component. You could get a one-piece hooded suit and affix brown buttons and a faux tail to achieve “wolfish” detail.

A pair of brown sneakers would complement the look, seeing as Max went about his adventure in comfortable footwear. A gold crown and a plushie are the perfect accessories for the costume; both add to the cuteness.

There are full-set packages of the costume if you would instead do away with DIY Max and Monster items. The costume set comes with everything and then some. Also, there is a full costume set for babies if you would love to dress your baby up as Max (babies would play the character best).

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