Mavis (Hotel Transylvania) Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween – DIY, Buy for 2021

(Mavis( Hotel Transylvania) Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween)

How to dress like Mavis (Hotel Transylvania) for Cosplay and Halloween

Selena Gomez played the role of Mavis Dracula in the popular vampire animated movie – Hotel Transylvania. Gomez is well known as a musician. However, she started her career as Gianna from Barney – the children’s show. Hotel Transylvania is an American animated comedy movie produced by Sony Pictures Animation and Columbia Pictures. The movie tells the story of Count Dracula who owns a hotel called Hotel Transylvania. The hotel is where monsters from around the world come to take a rest from human civilization.

Mavis is the daughter of Dracula. She is also a vampire with an 18-year-old aspect. Mavis Dracula grew up before our eyes in Hotel Transylvania. Her dad had a difficult time raising her all alone. While raising her, he did all he can to protect her from humans, especially human boys. However, his greatest worry came to pass, and she met a human. She also fell in love with the human and they got married in the later sequels of the movie.

Mavis Dracula led a very sheltered and protected life because of her overly protective dad. The beginning of the movie marked her becoming an adult, as 118 years old, even though she looked like an 18-year-old girl. Her wish was to become more independent, leave the hotel, and travel around the world. Mavis is not like the typical vampire, as she is compassionate and gentle. She even cares for the humans that want to hurt her.

Mavis wears an outfit that is gothic in nature. You will mostly find her on a beautiful black turtleneck dress, red sneakers, and black-n-red striped leggings. Here are the accessories to help you recreate the look of Mavis.

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