Magneto Costume Guide for Halloween and Cosplay – DIY, Buy for 2021


(Magneto Costume Guide for Halloween and Cosplay)

About Magneto Costume

Magneto is one of the top characters in the X-Men movies. He made many appearances in the American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Magneto first appeared in The X-Men #1 back in 1963. He is a very powerful mutant, and he has unique powers and abilities. This character is a fictional subspecies of humanity born with superhuman abilities. He can generate and control magnetic fields.

Magneto believes mutants are superior to humans and he rejected the chances of peaceful human-mutant coexistence. His initial plan was to conquer the earth to enable mutants to replace humans as the dominant species. Before he became a super-villain, he was known as Erik Lehnsherr. He is one of the most powerful mutants on earth and his ability to manipulate metallic objects even made him fiercer.

Like many villains, the back story of Magneto is full of society failing him at every point. His pain began when he was younger, when he witnessed the murder of his German Jewish family. They were murdered in front of him. He had to cope with the hardships of Auschwitz, the loss of his love, and the death of a daughter.

Magneto was spotted in different outfits all through the movie. Nevertheless, his latest movie attire does show come back to his more classic look. He puts on a maroon cape, red leather armor, and his iconic red helmet. Here are all the accessories you need to create his look.

  • Magneto Days of the Future Past Full Costume – This package includes pants, tops, gloves, vest, cloak, and shoe cover.
  • Magneto Foam Helmet Template – The perfect helmet to protect your head while manipulating metals.
  • Black Boots – A pair of black boots. These boots are comfortable and they are made of high-quality leather. There is a zipper at the back for easy removal.
  • Black Gloves – The right pair of hand gloves for those that prefer DIY. These gloves are very comfortable, breathable, and very easy to wear. They also have straps for easy adjustability.

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Magneto Costume Guide for Halloween and Cosplay