Lola Bunny Costume Guide for Halloween and Cosplay – DIY, Buy for 2021

(Lola Bunny Costume Guide for Halloween and Cosplay)

About Lola Bunny and her Costume

Looney Tunes has many amazing characters, and Lola Bunny is one of them. The Looney Tunes franchise is an American comedy series that is well-known for making lovable cartoon characters like Lola. Lola Bunny was featured in the movie – Space Jam – and she was known for her seductive role.

Space Jam is a sports-comedy movie where the human characters and cartoon protagonists work to emerge as the winner of a big-stakes basketball game. Lola is generally depicted as the girlfriend of Bugs Bunny, and she is created to be the love interest of Bugs Bunny in most of the movie as well as the franchise. She also made appearances in Tweety’s High-Flying Adventure, which was released in 2000, Rabbits Run released in 2015, and Space Jam 2, which would be released in 2021.

In the Space Jam movie, Lola is one of the team members of the basketball team Tune Squad. She is the second-best player on the team, and she puts in a lot of effort to battle the villainous monsters. Lola Bunny usually likes putting on cropped jerseys and shorts. Her outfit is inspired by outfits for the basketball court and the gym. She usually wears gloves, which means you need a pair to complete your costume.