Top 7 Link Costume Ideas to Buy and DIY

Link Costume Buy Ideas


About Link

In The Legend of the Zelda series, Link is the main protagonist, and each game has Link. They undergo several incarnations, but they possess the spirit of a hero. That means they are courageous.
The Golden Goddesses choose each Link to protect the land from evil. But first, they under intensive training, which takes place in the Kingdom of Hyrule.
Each Link has to defeat a wide range of enemies, collect essential items, and save Princess Zelda and her kingdom from Ganon or other villains.
Link begins as a young orphaned adolescent, except for Ocarina of Time, which mentions his mother. And, each Link has a specific title, e.g., Hero of Winds in The Wind Waker.

Link Costume DIY Ideas


Link Costume DIY

Dressing up as a Link is fun. You might be preparing for Halloween or cosplay, and you need to look exactly like one of the Links.  There are ten Links. So finding out exactly which one you what to look like can be a nice point to begin.

Links wear green in most games except for the Ocarina of Time, where Link wears both a red and a blue tunic besides the classic green one.

So, let’s look at how to recreate Links look:

  1. Link’s Hat: Check out the Green Gnome Hat Cute Long Plush Felt Drama Hat Night Cap Fit. Alternatively, you can create your own hat. First, get the measurement of your head. Then cut a green fabric into two triangles and sew them together to make a hat.
  2. Link’s Wig: Short Yellow Link Cosplay Wig or this
  3. Link’s Shirt: it should be collared, long-sleeve and white. This is what Links wear under their tuning. The best option is Taoliyuan Men’s Mandarin Collar Long Sleeve Cotton Shirt – breathable and lightweight option.
  4. Link’s Tunic: The tunic should be short-sleeved. It can be green, blue, or red, and you should wear it on top of your white shirt. Check out these multi-color options for the tunic. It should be longer than the t-shirt. So you can buy an oversized t-shirt.
  5. Link’s Pants: get white leggings and wear them under the tunic. These are readily available. You can also use tight spandex pants. Our quality options include Ultra Soft High Waisted and ARSUXEO Men’s Compression Tights. These leggings are opaque.
  6. Link’s Belt: get a dark brown or reddish-brown belt, and run it on your waist. An elastic belt is an excellent option as it cinches the tunic well. However, any other material can work well. A square and yellow or gold buckle will give a precise look. Have a look at eVogues Braided Elastic Stretchy Cinch Belt, Artisan Squad belt, and GRACE KARIN Cinch Belt
  7. Link’s Brown fingerless gloves: the best material here is leather. buy leather cosplay gloves such as Xcoser Fingerless Gloves and the Nappaglo Classic Fingerless Gloves and draw a Triforce onto the back
  8. Link’s Boots: To look like Link wear brown boots, or you can sew brown boot covers over your shoes. The boots should reach just below the knee. Examples are  and Muck Boot Arctic Pro, Boot and LifeStride Riding Boot.
  9. Link’s Master Shield: you can easily create them from foam. Alternatively, you can buy online, e.g., Legend of Zelda Link Foam Shield LARP
  10. Link’s Master Sword: Link’s look cannot be completed without the Legend of Zelda Link Sword.
  11. Link’s Fake ears: they should be pointy. You can use tape to shape your ears. You can use elf ears.
  12. Wig: buy a wig or color your hair with a hair spray.