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Jonathan Joestar

Jonathan Joestar is an anime character from the series, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures. He is known as JoJo and is the son of George Joestar I, an English nobleman. George adopted Dio Brando, a homeless boy and JoJo becomes a victim of Dio’s bullying when he tries to become the sole heir to his father’s fortune.

JoJo discovers his half brother’s plan to kill him and their father and goes on to learn sunlight based martial arts of Harmon in a bid to fight for his family. Later, Dio turns his sight to world domination after turning himself into a vampire. JoJo thwarts his plans using martial arts.

About Jonathan Joestar costume

JoJo is a strong-willed hero and it shows in his dressing. He stands out with his blue wig, sword, and brown backpack. You’ll need a Jonathan Joestar costume with brown costume boots. A blue wig, toy sword, brown backpack, and sheath will complete the iconic look.

The costume is mainly blue and adorned with a blue wig to match. JoJo’s dressing doesn’t match the time setting of England in the 19th century. He was shunned by his friends and family after his father adopted Dio. He had to do everything possible to thwart the plans of his evil brother.

Do not face your evil brother alone. You can spice things up by making an entrance with your friends dressed as William Zeppeli, JoJo’s martial arts instructor, or Dio Brando, the evil adoptive brother. Others can also dress up as the undead zombie army that Dio awakens in his quest for world domination.

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Complete the look at home with Jonathan Joestar Costumea pair of brown costume bootsblue wiga toy swordbrown backpack, and sheath