Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th Costume Guide for Halloween and Cosplay – DIY, Buy for 2021

Jason Voorhees Costume Guide

About Jason Voorhees and his Costume

Jason Voorhees is the major character in the horror movie franchise – Friday the 13th. The first movie was released in the 80s, and there has been a series of remakes and sequels of the movie since then. The movie has also found its way to comics as well as other pop-culture media making Jason Voorhees a cult figure.

Ari Lehman played the role of the first Jason Voorhees back in the 80s. Since then, many actors have played the role of Jason and continues the slasher movies. In the series, Jason is a serial killer on the loose. He is found mostly in campsites, but he also attacks his prey in outdoor spaces. Jason always puts on an iconic hockey mask to keep his identity unknown. He always carries a machete, which he uses on his victims.

Jason Voorhees’s costume is widely popular for Halloween. Since the 80s, there have been different versions of the character of Jason, but they all look and dress the same way. Jason has a signature look, as he is always on black hiking boots, navy coveralls, a machete, and an iconic hockey mask to disguise his disfigured face. In most of the versions of his costume you would see, he wears a long-sleeve navy shirt. Jason also puts on latex gloves.