Ink Sans Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween – DIY, Buy for 2021

(How to dress like Ink Sans for Cosplay and Halloween)

Ink Sans Costume

Ink Sans is a Sans that lives off the creativity of artists. He has the ability to draw anything and bring them to life. He uses this skill to help artists create new AUs. He is an out-of-time sans that helps to improve the careers of artists by creating new AUs. Despite helping artists to create new AUs, he does not create anyone.

He brings characters to life and protects his creation excessively. Because of the fandom, Undertale has a lot of alternative universes. Many characters now have different alter egos because of the complexities of alternative universes. One of such characters is Sans. In the despicable Underfell AU, Ink Sans is evil and he has powers that he uses under the command of his brother.

He also has an alter ego that stays in no timeline but uses his power to create alternative universes. However, Ink Sans is quite different, as he is a more happy-go-lucky alter ego. He is also very creative. You will always find him in a beige-black outfit with a big paintbrush and a pain sash in his hand.

One of his favorite things is doing art on people’s walls. If he is in a very happy mood, he throws black ink accidentally. Ink is also very excited when visiting other AUs. He also likes to check every AU version of Sans, as it is slightly smaller than the Undertale Sans. Nevertheless, some fan comics portray Ink Sans to be shorter than all the Sanses. The only sans he is taller than is Blueberry.

Another common trait of this character is forgetfulness. He is very forgetful. He can forget something and stop right in the middle of writing. Ink also tries to remember things by writing them on his scarf. He is very good at making people laugh and motivating them. Well, one of the ways he makes people laugh is by being an “idiot.”

Ink Sans wants a soul. However, when the theme of its color bottles shows up in conversations with others, it usually leaves him sad or embarrassed. Regardless of the popular theories of fans, Comyet said that Ink Sans is not a legal good. Because he lacks the soul, it is practically impossible for him to take care of others without having his vials of paint.

In the Star Sanses comic, Dream and Ink Sans fought because the emotions of those in the AUs do not matter to Ink, as he does not care about it. However, the inability of Dreams to experience negative emotions for over a couple of seconds as well as the forgetfulness (short-term memory) of Ink made the argument a failure. Ink Sans is also closely associated with Error Sans, and they were either enemies or companions in several AUs.

Ink Sans Costume

You can dress like Ink Sans at parties, Halloween, cosplays, and more. The costume of this character consists of a long and short sleeve T-shirt, deluxe sans mask, classic short and dark leggings, blue jacket, and vans classic sneakers. He also wears fingerless gloves and you will need to do some makeup on your face to complete this costume.

On his right cheek, you will find a black pain. For his eyes, the right eye socket has a blue circle while the left eye has an “error 404 star.” Ink Sans puts on UT Sans’ jacket, which hangs around his brown, hips, long sleeves with a bright shirt and blue lines. The chest and shirt have a protector attached to them. He also puts on a big brown scarf, which is almost as large as he is.

There is also a rainbow-colored ampoule working belt on his chest, and it has some heart-shaped dots on it. San usually gets artificial emotions when he drinks what is in the vials. He also puts on pants with the same color structure as the sleeves. Sans puts on light brown shorts on his pants. Rather than wearing slippers, he usually wears shoes with a tiger print on both sides. His costume also includes a pair of fingerless gloves.

He usually holds his gun on this back with a brush named Broomie. He also has tattoos running through his body; from his neck down to his back through his chest and down to his legs. His undershirt covers the tattoos that run ¼ across his arms. Sans has a lot of energy in him and he always likes to look pretty.

If you want to create the costume of Ink Sans, we are here to help you do that. Ink’s costume is pretty complex, as it involved many pieces. You need to put many pieces together, as well as in the right order too. To help you create the look of Ink Sans, here are all the accessories you need.

  • Sans Full Latex Mask – This is a one-size-fits-most full head sans mask made of hard latex. The mask is safe for both kids and adults.
  • Beige Sand T-Shirt – lightweight T-shirt made of 100 percent cotton. It is a round-neck T-shirt that provides great comfort.
  • Women’s Tunic Tank Top – super comfortable tank top made of 95 percent rayon
  • Khaki Long Scarf – This is a 200 by 130cm long scarf made of lightweight, hand-washable, and durable material.
  • Brown Suspenders with Gold Clips – Cotton poly-blend flat finish elastic fabric straps.
  • Brown Arm Warmers – A pair of fingerless gloves made of 100 percent acrylic. They are very easy to wear and comfortable.
  • Beige Fingerless Gloves – These fingerless gloves are made of high-quality fabrics and they are machine washable. They are also very easy to put on and take off.
  • Turquoise Surf Hoodie – This hoodie is made of cotton and it features a drawstring closure.
  • Brown Cotton Sweat Shorts – The perfect short color and size to mimic the look of this character. It is made of cotton and it features a simple design.
  • Dark Brown Capri Leggings – Brown leggings made of 92 percent nylon and 8 percent spandex.
  • Cognac High-Top Sneakers – A pair of sneakers to match that of Sans’. The sneakers are made of 100 percent PU.
  • Rainbow Paint Cups and Brushes Set – The final pieces you need to create the look of Ink Sans. All the inks you need are here.