Indiana Jones Costume: How to dress like Indiana Jones for Halloween and Cosplay 2020

Best Indiana Jones Costume and Cosplay Guide

About Indiana Jones

Dr. Henry Walton Jones, Junior, Born July 1, 1899, in Princeton, New Jersey, is an accomplished archaeologist, according to the American media franchise Indiana Jones. In his career, Dr. Henry discovered numerous and famous mythological artifacts such as the Ark of the Covenant and the Crystal Skull of Akator. Such discoveries placed him in conflict with many people across the globe.

Typically, he is an intelligent and adventurous man who traverses, hills, and caves to bring out archaeological evidence. Throughout the film, Dr. Henry Walton changes his name several. He was married a couple of times. But he had a son and a daughter with several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

About Indiana Jones costume
Indiana Jones was, undoubtedly, an adventurous man, and if you want to cosplay his attires, you need to get something adventurous too. The most amazing part is that dressing up like Jones doesn’t require much.

Here is what you need:

Outback Fedora
Leather jacket
ALong Sleeve Tactical Shirt
Khaki Pants
Army Canvas Web Belt
Lumber up Boots
Certainly, such an outfit will protect you from the elements in the wilderness. But you might also consider bringing along a Leather Whip, canvas map case, and a Holster.

If this may seem overwhelming for you, you can get khaki pants, lace-up brown leather boots, tactical shirts, and a whip, and you will be ready to explore.

Indiana Jones Cosplay DIY Guide

Whether you are in for cosplaying or want to look like Indiana Jones, you can easily get an accurate recreation. Remember, Dr. Henry “Indiana” Jones is a fearless treasure seeker and archaeologist. Grab a fedora hat and a whip to begin the journey.

But before that, here is a simple way to DIY the Indiana Jones attire:


Jones’s attire is typical of a cowboy. Since he is in the forest, caves, and the jungle most of his time, he needs clothing to withstand such conditions. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t elegant. They are sturdy, resilient, but quality.

He is always in a shirt, casual pants, boots, a fedora hat, and a leather jacket. If you want to look like Jones, try this clothing combination:


Indiana Jones wears some accessories. They include:

Others include the British Webley Holster and Map Case Shoulder Bag.