Best Dorothy Costume and Cosplay Guide

Dorothy Costume Guide To Buy (Madhatter Costume and Cosplay Guide)

Dorothy Gale is a fictional character who had been the main protagonist in many of Oz Novels. While she made her debut in Baum’s classic children novel, The Wizard of Oz, she also earned fame in most of the sequels. Way ahead, as you go through the novels, Dorothy started living in the Land of Oz, which she was familiar with much more than the homeland of Kansas. Eventually, Dorothy started living in an apartment inside the Emerald City’s palace when her aunt and uncle decided to stay at a farmhouse.

About Dorothy’s Costume

When you observe the image of Dorothy, you could imagine her to be a countryside girl. She looks pretty with a blue checkered dress and a pair of ruby slippers. With a vibrant personality, she flaunts her own style with plaited hair running right down till the shoulders. Additionally, while she is wandering, she usually carries a basket with a little stuffed Toto.

9 Dorothy Costume Buying Ideas

  1. Rubie’s Costume Women’s Wizard Oz Adult Dorothy Dress Hair Bows

If you wish to look exactly synonymous with the actual character, then you should try this costume. Since the costume is designed from polyester, you need not worry about the texture of the outfit even when you have washed it repeatedly.


  1. Adult Dorothy Wizard of Oz Dress Costume

With the blend of polyester and cotton, this costume is similar to the outfit as depicted in the movie. As you dress up, you would really look like a young girl due to the bodice waist front and armbands.


  1. Adult Sequin Dorothy Costume

This costume is nothing but a dazzling ensemble with a ruffled front side and puffed sleeves. But, what actually differentiates the dress from the rest are holographic sequins.


  1. Dorothy Long Dress Costume

As you wear this costume, you would really be delighted to look like the classic movie character. To complete the attire, you could simply put on light grey shoes and plait your hair in a better way.


  1. Wizard of Oz (1939 Film) Cosplay, Dorothy Maid Costume Set

Made from cotton, this costume looks great due to the light blue and white check plaid. For enhancing the style, you can think about carrying a round or an oval cane basket.


  1. Dorothy Wizard of Oz heels

If you really wish to capture the attention of others around you on those special occasions, then you should buy these shiny red heels. As you shop online, you can source another design based on your preferences.


  1. Dorothy’s costume apron for women

This costume apron can be considered as a Halloween costume, which you can along with something basic. Later, you can use it as an apron when you cooking cuisines.


  1. Princess Principal Dorothy Cosplay Costume

As you plan to purchase this costume, you would get a coat, shirt, vest, skirt, and a bow. It’s worth purchasing the costume as you would be getting something more at a special price.


  1. Glinda the good witch Wizard of Oz Cosplay Costume gown

In case you are seeking a costume with a petticoat, then this cosplay costume gown could just be designed for you.


Dorothy Cosplay DIY Guide

Before you attend any upcoming occasion, just be sure that you have worn the perfect Dorothy’s Wizard of Oz dress. You could also wear a Dorothy wig in case your hair doesn’t extend below the shoulders. Once you have worn the dress, you simply have to put on light blue cotton socks and Ruby slippers. But, if you are stepping out for a stroll, then you may think about carrying a Toto with a basket.