Gingerbread Man Costume Guide for Halloween and Cosplay for 2021


About Gingerbread Man Costume

The Gingerbread Man, who is also known as the Gingerbread Boy, is a fairytale about the escape of a gingerbread man from several chasers and his subsequent end between the jaws of a fox. The Gingerbread Man made his first appearance in print back in May 1875, issue of St. Nicholas Magazine in a collective tale that depends on repetitious scenes.

The re-teller of the tale said a girl from Maine told the story to his children. The story interested his children so much that he thought it was worth preserving. He asked where she found the story and she said an old woman told it to her when she was a child.

In the St. Nicholas tale back in 1875, a childless old woman baked a gingerbread man. The gingerbread man jumps from her oven and ran away. The woman and her husband chased it but were not able to catch it. The gingerbread man also outran many farm animals and workers, while taunting them with praises of how he has escaped from the little old woman.

Well, the tail does not have a happy ending for the gingerbread man, as a fox caught and ate him. The gingerbread man cried as he was devoured by the fox. He said, “I’m quarter gone, I’m half gone, I’m three-quarters gone, I’m all gone.”

Since then, the gingerbread man has become a costume for many occasions. People dress like the gingerbread man for Halloween, Christmas, parties, and cosplays. If you want to look like the Gingerbread Man or Gingerbread Boy this season, here are some creative costume ideas to help you achieve that.


Gingerbread Man Costume Guide for Halloween and Cosplay