French Maid Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween – DIY, Buy for 2021

(French Maid Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween)

About French Maid Costume

French maid was a term applied in the Victorian and back in the early 20th century to a lady’s maid that is of French nationality. Lady’s maids were senior servants that reported to the lady of the house directly. They also accompany their mistresses on travel. A French maid helps her mistress with her looks including clothing, make-up, jewelry, hairdressing, and shoes. They also serve as a confidante most times.

French Maids are considered to be professionals in modern fashions and they also help with putting their knowledge of the French language when traveling in Europe. Over time, there was an increase in erotic fantasies around young women of French nationality, and this resulted in the appearance of French maids as stereotypical and desirable soubrette characters in bedroom farces and burlesque dramas.

French maid is now a term that is usually applied to a strong and eroticized modified style of the dress of a servant that evolved from the usual black and white afternoon uniform for a housemaid. This happens despite a maid being junior to a lady’s maid. There are different types of styles, both revealing and conservative. The costume of the French maid is very straightforward and it is usually used in uniform fetishism, cosplay, and sexual roleplaying.

The outfit of the French maid has a pattern that is easy to recognize and has a black-and-white theme, which has been the template for other kinds of the costume. The costume consists of a black dress with white trim, knee or above knee length full skirt, ruffled or lace headpiece, white half-apron, long stockings (either white or black), feather duster, high heels, and black or white lace garter.