Fembot Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween 2021


(Fembot Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween)

About Fembot Costume

Fembots are humanoid androids and they have made appearances in several movies. However, they are very popular for their roles in the movie “Austin Powers.” In the Austin Powers film, these humanoid androids are portrayed as beautiful women in provocative attire. These robots usually hide guns in their chest and all they need to fire the guns is a command.

Dr. Evil designed and created these lingerie-clad robots, and he created them as a distraction for Austin Powers. Austin Powers has a “free love” mentality. The Fembots tried to seduce him but he overpowered them by being more seductive, overdriving their system.

The version of Fembots in the Austin Powers movie is quite different. This movie portrayed its version of these humanoid androids as sensually dressed beautiful android women. If you want to dress like these beautiful android women, you need to put together a few costumes.

You would need to get a pink sheer chemise and a decorated bra. The bra would also need to have boa feather details. You would also need heels with boa details as well as a pair of pink gloves to complete your look. These bots have a very simple costume, and mimicking it should not be an issue. They also have their blonde locks and a feathered hairpin in the middle. Here are all the things you need to look like a Fembot.