Cruella Costume Guide for Halloween and Cosplay – DIY, Buy for 2021

(Cruella Costume Guide for Halloween and Cosplay)

About Cruella Costume

Cruella De Vil is the major villain or antagonist in the original 1961 Disney cartoon “101 Dalmatians” as well as the 1996 movie adaptation. The animation was voiced by Betty Lou Gerson while in the movie, Cruella was portrayed by Glenn Close. Both the animation and the movie adaptation were based on the novel titled “The Hundred and One Dalmatians.” The novel was published by Dodie Smith in 1956.

At the time where many clothes were made with animal furs, Cruella De Vil is the representative of the cruelty of high fashion. She is quite different from other Disney villainesses, as she does not have any magical power. The only power she has is her vicious ambition. She is obsessed with fashion and she was born a very wealthy woman. she claimed that she cannot live without fur coats, and her goal is to use the skin of 99 Dalmatian puppies to make a fur coat. However, her own recklessness and stubbornness defeated her.

All through the animation and movie, Cruella De Vil wore different outfits. However, there is one thing that did not change, and that is her style. The iconic style of Cruella includes a red, black, and shite color scheme. She carried a tone hairstyle (black and white). She also wears a white fur coat with a lavish black dress beneath it. Her hands are covered with red gloves, while she mostly puts on red high heels. The favorite past time of Cruella is hanging out with crooks and using puppies to make fur coats. Here are all the accessories you need to recreate Cruella De Vil’s costume.

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