Captain Morgan Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween 2021

(Captain Morgan Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween)

About Captain Morgan Costume

Captain Morgan is one of the most recognizable mascots. It is a rum brand that was first created in 1944, and it originated from Jamaica. The Captain Morgan character is on its label, and he is the favorite among the pirate-dressing costume community and rum drinkers alike. You would mostly see this character stepping on a barrel with one foot and with a sword in his hand.

A real-life Welsh Privateer – Henry Morgan – inspired the name, Captain Morgan. He was the leader of many successful raids and they later made him the Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica. Unlike the typical rugged looks of pirates, the costume of Captain showcases grandeur and pomp, giving confidence to anyone that wants to dress like him and step in his shoes.

Many people adore the costume of Captain Morgan because it gives them confidence and courage. To look like Captain Morgan, you would need a gold and red pirate hat. Next, you would need to get a black beard and a long black wig. You would also need a white shirt that has a ruffled collar, and gold and red pirate coat, and a few other basic accessories, which you can find below.