Burt Macklin Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween – DIY, Buy for 2021


(Burt Macklin Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween)

About the Costume of Burt Macklin

Burt Macklin is Andy Dwyer, and the talented and famous Chris Pratt played the role. Pratt has been featured in many blockbuster movies since then, such as Owen Grady in Jurassic World and Star-Lord/Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 1 and 2. Parks and Recreation is a political satire sitcom TV series in America that aired from April 9, 2009, to February 24, 2015.

The series is about Leslie Knope, a mid-level bureaucrat, which hopes to beautify her town by helping Ann Perkins (a local nurse) turn an abandoned construction site into a community park. Nevertheless, what could be a very simple project turned out to be a very difficult challenge.

Burt Macklin is an FBI agent, and he is the modified ego of Andy Dwyer. Macklin is always there for people, and he does whatever it takes to help them solve their cases. Although he can be a big softie sometimes, he usually puts on a very serious face when interrogating suspects. When there is a need for law enforcement, he usually uses his Burt Macklin alter ego. Burt likes looking like a cool FBI agent. He usually puts on a blue FBI jacket and a light yellow shirt beneath. You would also find a brown necktie around his neck with brown sunglasses. Here are some of the accessories you need to recreate his look.