Gilligan Costume Guide for Halloween and Cosplay – DIY and Buy for 2021

Best Gilligan Costume and Cosplay Guide 

William Willy Gilligan is the major character of S.S. Minnow Crew. He served in the navy and saved his friend’s life in active duty. Gillian has a dimensional character. He is funny, dumb, sensitive, and scared. Gilligan is also a caring person. He is kind and considerate. He is accident-prone. His playful personality is one of the things that makes his character interesting. Gillian formed a close friendship with Skipper whom he regards as his mentor, best friend, and role model. Gilligan’sasexual nature makes his character more appealing to young male audiences. He spurns the advances of the beautiful females who approach him.

About Gilligan Costume

Anyone can get Gilligan's unmistakable quirky appearance. To look like Gilligan, you must appear funny, scared, and free-spirited. You can create his outfit and style easily with a few pieces of cloth and some staple accessories. He had a simple look so the costume doesn't entail many materials. You can get a signature red shirt, and sky-blue pants. Top this dressing by putting on a white bucket heart similar to what Gilligan wore on S.S Minnow. Complete your Gilligan look by adding a pair of white shoes. For the staple accessories, you can get a satchel bag to carry your important items around. You can also add an olive-colored pouch for your canvas belt. After getting these accessories, complete your Gilligan look by throwing a white rope over your shoulder holding a black telescope in your hand and you are good to go. This costume is perfect for cosplay.

Gilligan Costume Buy Ideas

1.  Largemouth Men's Castaway Shirt and Hat

This men's castaway costume shirt and hat consist of a red polo with a white collar, and white bucket hat. CHECK IT NOW

2.   Men's Sky Blue Summer Slim Fit Pants

This men's sky blue pants include a button closure with two slant pockets. Its fabric is soft. CHECK IT NOW

3.  Coleman Military Canteen

This military-style canteen is durable with polyethylene construction. It is easy to use. CHECK IT NOW

4.  Front Row Long Sleeve Rugby Shirt

This sports Rugby shirt will make you look like Gilligan. The item is breathable and soft. CHECK IT NOW

5.  Orion 30mm Scope

This ultra-mini black telescope is the perfect handy object to add to your Gilligan costume. CHECK IT NOW

6.   GBX Men's Mayne

This shoe is 100% fabric with a flexible synthetic sole. It completes the Gilligan outfit. CHECK IT NOW

Gilligan Cosplay DIY Guide

Start by getting the White Bucket Hat to give your face that quirky look. You can use this hat to top the 100% cotton Front Row Long Sleeve Rugby Shirt. This shirt has a white collar of Gilligan. This should be worn on top of the Sky Blue Men's Casual Pants to get the perfect cosplay to look like Gilligan. This item has two slant pockets and two pockets behind. Complete this with the GBX Men's Mayne Shoes and you have the complete Gilligan outfit. For the additional accessories, you can start by handling the Canteen with Canvas Belt as one of the accessories carried around by Gilligan. You also need a Black Hand Telescope and Utility Pouch. To complete the set of accessories get Brown Leather Satchel and Throw a White Rope over your shoulder. Read more about Gilligan here. Fandom imdb Wikipedia