Ash Ketchum Costume Guide for Cosplay and Halloween – DIY, Buy for 2021

About Ash Ketchum Costume

Pokémon was one of the most popular anime back in the 90s, and Ash Ketchum was the number one character in the anime. Ash Ketchum is a Pokémon trainer and he owns Pikachu – a well-known electric type Pokémon. Pikachu and Ash have become a very popular duo, and they are arguably the faces of this anime series. They are known by many across the globe.

Ash obtained Pikachu, which is his first Pokémon, when he turned ten. He has always had this dream of becoming a Pokémon master. Ash learned to enhance his skills together with his friends, Brock and Misty, and captured more Pokémon. Ash Ketchum, who is also known as Satoshi, is also a protagonist in certain manga series and other merchandise related to the Pokémon franchise.

The dressing style of Ash Ketchum is quite stunning and it is described as casual, sport, and 90s inspired. Ash is a teenager, a very active one. He has versatile outfits with a blend of trendy items. Ash Ketchum mostly wears a white and blue sporty style button-up shirt with a simple green shirt underneath. You will always find him a 90s style sneaker and simple blue jeans. He also wears a brown belt, carries a green backpack, and green fingerless gloves. This Pokémon trainer always has a pokeball in his hands.