Top 5 Rainbow in my Room Lights

Amid the growing technology and rapidly changing lifestyle, everyone wants to enjoy vibrant lighting in their home and office. With the presence of rainbow room lights, you can add decorative effects to any corner of your home. The lights will not only brighten the appearance of the room but will elevate your spirits as well. Rainbow room lights are gaining huge popularity as a result of their energy-saving characteristic. They have the capacity to generate lively colors that will fill your room with unique brightness. The lights have emerged to be highly flexible to work with for both homes and office spaces.

What are Rainbow in my Room Lights?

Rainbow room lights have emerged to be a highly versatile form of lighting. You will come across several variants and exceptions in these lights for your home. Rainbow room lights include several separate LED emitters mounted on a thin and bendable circuit board. They function on a low voltage DC power. Rainbow room lights are available in a vast range of fixed and flexible color brightness. The lights create beautiful rainbows at the wall or ceilings.

What age group are they popular with?

Rainbow room lights have gained significant popularity in a short span of time. For a large number of people, these lights have successfully served as an appropriate entry-level customization alternative for their personal computers.

Some people prefer to customize these lights as per their convenience and taste. Some people love to install these rainbow lights in their bedroom as they emit beautiful multi-color lights for an amazing effect. These lights shine a stunning and bright rainbow onto the ceiling and wall of your home. The lights last for some time and then time out on their own. These lights are highly popular among children and youth.

What should you consider before buying Rainbow in my Room Lights

You need to consider the following things before buying Rainbow in my room lights:

1. You must check indoors and outdoors:

Make sure that you know the purpose of using rainbow lights. It may be for events, home decoration, outdoor gardening, events, and cultural programs. If you know the usage, buy the relevant product accordingly.

2. Quality:

The next most important thing that you ought to consider is the material’s quality. It will provide you a clear idea of how efficiently the light can function for a long span of life.

3. Weather-proof:

If the rainbow lights are weather-proof, it will help in protecting the device from rain, heat, and water.

4. Power supply:

It is significant to ensure that you have an adequate power supply to function the rainbow lights.

5. Shockproof technology:

You must ensure that the lights that you buy are 100% shockproof. It will play a vital role in safeguarding the children and inhabitants of the house. Many devices do not embed this crucial feature in rainbow lights as a result of some technical snags. Some leading brands do come with a shockproof feature that helps you protect from various threats.

What is the typical cost?

The cost of rainbow lights remains approximately $8 to $15. However, the price may vary from brand to brand.

Comparison of the Top 5 Rainbow in my Room Lights

We have reviewed some of the best rainbow room light so that you don’t face any hassle selecting the best lights for your home and office. Given below are the top five best rainbow rooms light:

1. Uncle Milton Rainbow Light Projector


The product offers a magical rainbow in your room. To make it function, all you have to do is just touch the button and notice the stunning and multi-colored rainbow. The rainbow will be projected all across the walls and ceilings of the room. You can also get the option of turning your rainbow on to get one color at one time or all at once with 2 light-up modes. You will need 4AAA batteries to make it work and jack for an optional AC adapter.


  • You will get one rainbow projector
  • The product comes with a science learning poster along with instruction manual
  • It will auto-shutoff after 20 minutes of working
  • It will project a rainbow across the walls with just a push button


  • Sometime the second light takes a long time to come

Summary of customer comments:

Users said that the product shines a stunningly beautiful and bright rainbow on the wall and ceiling. Users liked the feature that it can time itself out. Some users revealed that the product became an instant famous among children. A few users found it to be the best gift for the Christmas festival.

2. MIFXIN Rainbow Projector Light

The product emits nature’s most stunning light show into your house and fills it with rainbow colors. The charming LED Night Projection lamp makes optimum use of multi-colored LEDs to highlight rainbow colors. It offers two modes. In the first mode, colors will be displayed one by one while the other mode will offer a direct display of seven colors. The product is ideal for parties and sleepovers to inspire sweet dreams.


  • The light will turn off automatically after 10 minutes to save energy
  • It is appropriate for the bedroom, living room, playroom, and kindergarten
  • It is trustworthy and safe for children
  • It promises to improve the sleep quality of your children
  • Offers great value for money
  • It is light in weight


  • You may find the light turning off too frequently

Summary of customer comments:

Some users found the product lightweight and easy to use. Buyers said the product offered them good value for money. They found that it worked better than their expectations. The rainbow light became a favorite of children, commented other users. A few users found it to be great for gifting purposes.


3. Rainbow Neon Light Signs

The product displays a bright neon rainbow night light that will captivate everyone’s attention. It has emerged as one of the best solutions for little children’s room décor. The modern yet decorative led lamp can add vigor to the room with its stunning light display. The presence of two holes at the back of the lamp offers you the option of hanging at the wall. You can also place it at the table. It produces 5 colors that include purple, blue, green, orange, and red.


  • The product is highly safe for children
  • It is battery/USB operated
  • The rainbow neon light is portable and versatile
  • Offers great durability
  • It helps in saving energy


  • Some users found it for decorative purpose and may not fulfil daily lighting needs

Summary of customer comments:

Users fell in love with the stunning unicorn light of the product. Users discovered it to be cute and liked its highly bright light. Some buyers found the product amazing when they saw the lights from outside. A few users felt it is a great product for their children that helped in inducing sound sleep.


4. Rainbow Projector & Night Light


  • It comes with a cloth to keep the film projector clean and sparkling
  • The rainbow projector produced majestic rainbow lights to the room’s wall and ceiling thus creating a special effect. The projector is able to create an amazing balance of light. You will not feel the light to be excessively bright nor too dim. The light runs on a battery. It is also equipped with a port for a USB cable. It is worth noting that the USB cable is not included. It will help you save your money as it is quite energy saving. The product offers a stunning combination of soft pink and white colors that you will instantly love.It runs on a battery
  • The projector offers a port
  • It produces children-friendly light
  • It is durable and economically priced


  • It lacks a timer and the on-off switch

Summary of customer comments:

Users are happy with the rainbow lamp and found it to be a good option for gifting to their children. Many users found the projector ideal for their children’s room as it produces soft light. The users liked the rainbow on the wall and said that the cloud works as a nightlight. Another feature that appealed to users is that the lamp shuts automatically.


5. Lava 14.5-Inch Colormax Lamp

The Lava lamp has become one of the most liked products right from the 1960s to 1970s. It highlights a rainbow base and tri-colored glass globe along with white wax and crystal clear liquid. It is manufactured from cutting-edge technology and offers high quality to users. The lamp continues to intrigue people of various eras effortlessly. It can instantly make your mood bright.


  • The product offers white wax in clear liquid
  • The lamp offers an attractive tri-colored globe shape
  • It will offer you a 25-Watt light bulb
  • It can conveniently plug into a standard 120-Volt wall power outlet


  • Sometime the wax may get stuck and will not melt effectively

Summary of customer comments:

Some users found the price of the Lava Lamp economical. A few users commented that the appearance of the lamp appealed a lot to their children. Some buyers said that the lamp is effectively built and provides amazing durability. Users also loved the painted glass containing white wax.


You must purchase these attractive lights if you are keen to enjoy their rainbow appearance. The lights will help in creating attractive rainbows on the walls and ceilings. Children have become big fans of rainbow lights. The lights promise to help your children sleep better with good dreams.